We offer:

Qualified service Qualified service

We provide highly-qualified legal services to Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities within the following legal areas: civil law, commercial law, law of property, contractual law, bank law, insurance law, labor law, family law, inheritance law, administrative law, tax law and criminal law.

Qualified service Optimum protection

For the purpose of ensuring optimum protection of our clients’ interests we provide expert legal consultations and services related to documents’ preparation, legal assistance, intermediation services in negotiations and procedural representation before any and all Bulgarian courts and arbitrage institutions.

Qualified service Complex approach

In view of the high quality and complex servicing of our clients, our lawyers work in close cooperation with Notaries Public countrywide, with a number of enforcement agents, economists, accounting offices and other specialists and experts in different areas. All of our services are offered with the same quality in Bulgarian, English, Russian and many other languages.